The 6th International MANGA Award


Announcement of Winners for the Sixth International MANGA Award

The International MANGA Award was established in May 2007 to honor MANGA artists who have contributed to the promotion of MANGA overseas. This year 245 entries from 38 countries and regions were made.
The Executive Committee of this Award, chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, has chosen 15 works as winners, including a Gold Award work and three Silver Award works.
On Friday, February 8, the ceremony was held in Tokyo to grant the Gold and Silver Awards to the works below:

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Gold Award (the best work)

Name of Work :

Listening to the Bell

(Kingdom of Thailand)

Name of Artist : Kosin Jeenseekong (Kingdom of Thailand)

Preview (1.3MB)

Silver Award

Name of Work :

Melon Seed School Vol. 3

(Kingdom of Thailand)

Name of Artist : Ittiwat Suriyamart (Kingdom of Thailand)

Preview (0.8MB)

Name of Work :

Floating Flower


Name of Artist : Yao Wei (China)

Preview (0.7MB)

Name of Work :

5 minutes before airing


Name of Artist : Muhammad Fathanatul Haq (Indonesia)

Name of Script : Ockto Baringbing (Indonesia)

Preview (1MB)

Bronze Award

Name of Work :


Name of Artist : Buddy (China) , Feng Xi Shen Lei (China)

Name of Work :

Charge ~ beyond ~

Name of Artist : Han Zu Zheng (China)

Name of Work :


Name of Artist : Chang Sheng (Taiwan)

Name of Work :

Scralls of A Northern City

Name of Artist : AKRU (Taiwan)

Name of Work :

From The Netherworld : Tales of Terror!

Name of Artist : PUYUH (Malaysia), CORE (Malaysia)

Name of Work :

Dragon Land

Name of Artist : Dimensional Art (Vietnam), Dinh viet Phuong, Do Nhu Trang, Le Lam Vien(Vietnam)

Name of Work :

Once Upon a Time of Love

Name of Artist : Amp (Thailand), Varacha pansang (Thailand)

Name of Work :


Name of Artist : Maria Llovet (Spain)

Name of Work :

Xiao Ou, volume 2, Un monde en double

Name of Artist : Wei Song (China)

Name of Work :

Otaku Blue

Name of Artist : Kerfriden Malo (France), Marazano Richard (France)

Name of Work :

The ten rituals of the initiation

(Burkina Faso)
Name of Artist : Boureima NABALOUM (Burkina Faso)

(Note 1)The largest number of applications was received from Thailand (47), followed by Taiwan (36), Indonesia (21), and so on.

A ceremony was held in February8 in Tokyo.

Executive Committee
Chairman :

Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan


Mr. Hiroyasu Ando, President, Japan Foundation;
Mr. Satoshi Katayose, Director, Shogakukan Inc.;
Ms. Saya Shiraishi, Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo;
Mr. Yasuki Hamano, Professor, Tokyo University of Technology;
Mr. Kotaro Sugiyama,Chief Creative Officer/Deputy President, Light Publicity Co., Ltd


Ms. Machiko Satonaka (Manga artist)


Mr. Leiji Matsumoto (Manga artist),
Ms. Seika Nakayama (Manga artist),
Mr. Koichi Yuri (former Manga magazine editor),
Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshitome (former Manga magazine editor)

Primary Selection Committee: Comic Jusshakai

Akita Publishing Co., Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co.,
Kodansha Ltd., Shueisha Inc.,
Shogakukan Inc., Shonen-gahosha Co.,
Shinchosha Publishing Co., Hakusensha Inc.,
Futabasha Publishers Ltd., Leed Publishing Co.

Since the First International MANGA Award, the trophies have been designed by Mr. Taku Sato, a graphic designer.